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Useful Code Editors for Developers And Designers

Useful Code Editors for Developers And Designers

For any programmer, the tools which will enable him to transfer the views into the codes are the most essential tools. These tools are called text editors. With time this technology is improved more and more and now you can find a lot of text editors online which can be used to create code from any computer in which you can have web access. Consider any sort of web work; you will be able to progress with these applications which are accessible online. It will provide you various design languages like PHP, Java Script, CSS, HTML etc. and hypertext. These applications will also framework the Motools or jQuery which will help you to execute code. There are a lot of useful online code editors for developers and designers. Some of them are stated below:


Complilr is actually an online IDE and online compiler which can help you to work with Ruby, C++, C, PHP etc. It can be used as a compiler for C#, Java, XNA and platform from any web browser you wish. This is one of the best code editors.

Code Mirror:

Code Mirror is a component which is supported by JavaScript and it can provide a code editor in your browser. If the mode is available for the language which you are coding, this code editor will help you to color the code. It will also help in indentation optionally.


If you have Thimble, it will be extremely simple for you to create a web page of your own. You can write and then edit CSS and HTML at your browser. It will show the preview of your work instantly and only with a click you will be able to host and share the pages which are already finished.


Dabblet can be considered as an interactive ground for testing the snippets of HTML and CSS code quickly. You don’t need to add any prefix in the CSS code. The designers and developers can save their work and then can embed them in the other websites and thus can share it quite easily.


You can consider jsBin as a debugging app which is run by JavaScript. If you want to use this tool in better way, you can create your account through GitHub.


Ecoder is one of the most simple code editors available online. This tool also contains a file uploader, file browser and a tabbed system which will help you to edit multiple files at one time. The developers and the designers will be able to edit the code through online directly by using this application.


Codeita is a software which is cloud based and it is used for developing and prototyping the web applications and websites. With this tool the users will be able to work under a social environment. It will allow you to create, deploy and edit various web projects in a software bundle called LAMP.

With Codeita, it becomes easy for the developers and designers to manage databases, files and code from a dashboard which is browser based. However, the main reason why cloud based software is used is to create team collaboration. With Codeita, it will be possible for you to share the web projects with the other members of the team.


Cloud9 is nothing but a development environment which is operated through online for Node.js applications like Ruby, Java, PHP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript. There are 23 more languages are included in the list. It has now become one of the most popular code editors among the website developers and designers.


For the web developers and designers jsFiddle is nothing but a playground and for the web snippets it is one of the most useful online editors. With the help of this tool you will be able to isolate bugs. It will also help you to create many a framework.


Codeanywhere is one of the most popular code editors which contain ftp client which is integrated. All the necessary web formats like XML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and HTML will be supported by this code editor.

eXo Cloud IDE:

With eXo Cloud IDE, it will be possible for you to do social coding because it has a hosted development and multi-tenant environment. You can do the collaborative development of gadgets, applications etc. which can be deployed into a Paas directly.

There are a lot more code editors are available online. As a developer and designer you need to be creative and hardworking for creating a perfect website. All these Code editors can only make your work little easier. These code editors can surely fulfill your requirements.

Author Bio.:- Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.
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How Mobile App Development Company Can Help You?

How Mobile App Development Company Can Help You?

The operation of mobile app development companies as problem solvers and project coordinators has majorly increased in recent times. An app development company can prove to be really valuable for any business that is looking to make that high jump in the industry and the market.

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Best Homepage Website Design Ideas You Should Know

Best website design idea

The homepage of your website is the place where the visitors land first and the navigate through the rest of the website. What happens if you homepage is not impressive or functional enough? The visitors won’t stay for long? If they don’t stay for long, you will miss out on a lot of potential clients. It is not only about the aesthetics. It’s about how accessible you make your website. There are certain basic elements that you must put on the homepage.

A good homepage design welcomes the visitors to the site, tells them what to do next, and allows them to navigate through the website in more depth. The homepage should be never be cluttered. Each element on the homepage must satisfy some or the other goal. Today we will talk about some things you must integrate on your homepage to make it better.

Graphics and text:

Your homepage needs to make a solid first impression. The homepage should be designed in a way that it represents your company’s values and unique selling point. Make use of relevant graphics or images that are relevant to the keywords.The image and text must be in correlation with each other so as to have an impact on the readers. So make the design neat and simple like how Dropbox does it. It offers hand-drawn illustrations and has information related to the company’s products.


Make use of relevant keywords to tell what your website is all about. The keyword will also be extremely useful for search engine optimization. Keywords informs the search engine bots about the web page and it’s relevant for the topic. It will help in better index and position of the homepage in all search engine results pages. Web designers can get in touch with SEO experts to learn about keywords relevant to the webpage.

Make use of slogans:

A simple phrase that is used in order to grab a user’s attention is called a slogan. A good slogan is not only striking, but also must have the persuasive power of the homepage in just a single sentence. Good slogans can transform good homepages into great homepages.

Homepage copy:

Homepage copy helps in increasing user engagement. Do not make the writing too promotional. The copy needs to be concise. It must manage to present all the essential elements of the business. The layout must be easy to scan and should assimilate all the information quickly.

Unique Selling Proposition:

Every homepage must have its own unique selling proposition. The unique value proposition of a web page tells what the company does and how differently it is done compared to other companies in the market. It will help in determining the unique benefits people will derive from the company. The unique value proposition is far more elaborate than a simple text or slogan. It’s actually much more concise and punctual. It represents all the solutions that will make them the best choice the users have made. The unique selling proposition must contain: what you do, who you do it for, and how do you do it better than your competition.

Making use of mood boards:

A mood board will help in explaining the users how you approach certain topics. It also tells them how you communicate important aspects about you and your company. A mood board is created with an intention to build a certain kind of personality for your website or your brand. It’s a great way to communicate with your audience. If the copy works as your message to the audience, a mood board is tells you how to transmit the message. The mood board includes the typography on the webpage, the color scheme used, spacing rules, how overlays, image frames, frame shadows, transparency/opacity are done, and the general contrast which shows the element structure and content hierarchy.


The homepage is the face of your website. Making it pretty will not really cover the bad personality. So along with adding good images and graphics, you also need to showcase what you offer to your users and how you help them achieve what them want. There are several website design companies that can help you with designing an impressive homepage for your website.

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Getting Started with Building a Chatbot for Your Business


The idea of chatbots is equally intimidating and exciting. Robots warm our hearts, but occasionally they also freak us out. People think robots are here to take over the world, but in reality, they are just here to make our lives easier. Even though chatbots have been around for a few years now, a lot of businesses haven’t been able to successfully adopt the chatbot method and take advantage of its potential.

What are chatbots and how are they useful?

Chatbots are basically programs that have the ability to automatically communicate with a received message. A chatbot can be wired to respond to a text in a specified manner or it can be built to give different responses based on the keywords. Chatbots can be integrated with machine learning in order to fit into a situation. A customer wants a chatbot to be able to perform a few functions, like:

  • A quick answer to a question.
  • Resolving a complaint or a problem.
  • Offering a detailed answer to a query.
  • Help find a human customer service agent.

What value do chatbots provide?

  1. Lead Generation. A chatbot performs the initial interaction with a user and collects all the basic information required. The qualified leads are delivered to the sales team to work on them.
  2. Guiding Users. Customers are not always sure of what they want or what they are looking for. A chatbot can ask questions in a way that guide the user to the best possible solution and find what they want.
  3. Saves Time & Money. By automating a process that would otherwise require a team of employees, you can save a lot of time and resources.
  4. ‘After Hours’ Support. This is probably the most popular use of a chatbot. When the office is closed, there is no one to chat with a user and offer support. This is where a chatbot comes to the rescue as it can converse with the user and guide them to a solution.

Getting Started With a Chatbot

  1. Creating a goal. Choose a chatbot that aligns with your goals and the major objective of your brand.
  2. Choice of Platform. Depending on the platform you choose, you will need to wire your chatbot accordingly.
  3. Strategy. Consult your customer service, sales, and marketing teams to know the kind of conversations that happen with a customer and develop content based on those suggestions.
  4. Bot Personality. Try to create an image and voice for the bot that goes well with your brand and its values.
  5. Customer Journey. After the initial questions, map out a customer’s journey.
  6. Multiple Response. Develop multiple responses to every question. This way you are more likely to satisfy a user’s needs.
  7. Conversation Tree. Now you must build a conversation tree depending on the answer a user will choose.
  8. Call-to-action. Call-to-action buttons can lead a user to a particular product.
  9. Get Feedback. Test all the conversations that take place and derive feedback from it.
  10. Monitoring. Now it’s time to put your chatbot to use and monitor it for any problems.

Final Word

A chatbot can be the most valuable tool of conversion for a business. So put efforts into developing the best chatbot and hire a chatbot application development company if required.

Author Bio

Roma Kapadiya SEO Consultant & Blogger at Nimblechapps, one of the leading mobile app development companies in India based out of Ahmedabad. I love to write on new and upcoming technology, startups, programming tools, and business and web design. When I am not writing, I read, so I can write more.You can Hire Web Application Developers from Nimblechapps at affordable rate.

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Cross-Platform Mobile Development Using Flutter


At Google I/O 2018 a lot of time and attention was dedicated to discussing Flutter. Flutter is comparatively a new development technology for mobile app development and the rate at which apps Flutter apps are being published on Google Play is constantly increasing. Whether or not you decide to use Flutter, in order to further develop and improve your mobile app, you will need to learn about Flutter, what it is like, and its pros and cons.

Google’s mobile app SDK- Flutter, comes with a complete framework, tools, and widgets that provide the developers with a tool to develop visually attractive and efficiently working mobile apps for both Android and iOS apps. Flutter allows a smooth and easy cross-platform development. You will be able to use a single codebase for both iOS and Android.

Reasons to use Flutter

  1. Flutter is free of cost and open-source.
  2. Based on fast, object-oriented programming language called Dart.
  3. Provides its own widgets which look good and are easily customizable.
  4. The widgets make the Flutter apps look and feel great.
  5. The architecture is based on a widely used reactive programming.
  6. It is direct competition with React Native.

Advantages of using Flutter

  1. Faster coding. Flutter provides mobile app development that is not only quick but also dynamic. The hot reload only takes a few seconds and allows the teams to add features and fix bugs. Hot Reload also helps in developer-designer coordination when you want to improve an app and check the effect of the changes applied right then. Almost all changes can be hot reloaded, but there are also certain changes that can’t be.
  2. Single Code. You can write just one code which can be used for two different platforms.
  3. Testing. When you use the same code for two platforms, the testing required also decreases. Automatic tests are to be written only once and there is less work for the Quality Assurance team. But if there are differences on the apps, they will obviously have to tested on both the platforms.
  4. Fast & Smooth. Flutter provides you with apps that are fast and smooth.
  5. Designs. Flutter allows you to easily create your own widgets or bring changes to the existing widgets.
  6. Same app UI. Your new app will be able to look the same even on older versions of the iOS and Android apps. For supporting older devices, there is no additional cost.
  7. MVP. Works as a perfect Minimum Viable Product to show the investors. Flutter will be a perfect choice in cases where there are time constraints.

Risks of using Flutter

  1. Beta version. The beta 2 version was announced earlier in April 2018. The stable version of Flutter still hasn’t been released after so many months. There can be changes and improvements which will create the demand for change in the code.
  2. Libraries and Support. The libraries and support offered by Google for Flutter are quite impressive with functionalities that can be readily implemented. But not every functionality can be found in the libraries. Your developers will be required to build it themselves, which is a bit time-consuming.
  3. Continuous Integration. The developers will have to use and maintain custom scripts in order to build, test and deploy.


Flutter has definitely many more advantages than risks. It allows cross-platform app development for beautiful and high-performance mobile apps. It also saves you time and money so Flutter is an option that must be considered. Even though Flutter lacks some important aspects, it is pretty great that through Flutter Google is creating a new pathway for cross-platform mobile app development. To exactly know how it works, you must try using Flutter and check for yourself, you will know better then.

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What to Learn from Your Rummy Rival?

What to Learn from Your Rummy Rival

If you have a strong rival in rummy, there are many things you still need to learn from him or her. Only then can you excel in Indian rummy the way your opponent does. So, what exactly should you learn from a rival to be an ace player? The answer to this question is listed below for you to read and know:

How to Quit at The Right Time?

Many people continue to play rummy even when they realise that there is no scope of winning and the hand is too bad. This is foolish as they are sure they will end up losing the game. A good rival will try to analyse the hand as soon as he or she gets it. If he or she feels that it is not possible to have a life anytime soon, he or she will quit the game losing just a few points as penalty.

How to Observe Opponent Moves?

A strong rummy rival is a keen observer too. He will observe the moves as well as the reactions of the opponent and try to find out if the opponent is winning or losing. He will also observe the cards disposed off by the opponent. This will help him or her decide what sets or sequences plans to make. If he knows that the opponent is seeking a certain card, he or she will avoid throwing that particular card. This will delay the probable victory of the opponent.

How to Dispose Cards?

As a strong rival, one will be careful not to dispose cards that the opponent is hoping to pick to complete the sequence. He will also know that holding onto too many jokers may prevent him from making a pure sequence. When he has a choice to dispose off pulled-out joker and an actual joker, he may throw an actual joker rather than a pulled out one. This is because an actual joker can only play the role of a joker while a pulled-out joker in rummy games may also be used in pure sequences to fit in the right value.

How to Make Sequences in a Jiffy?

A good rival knows the significance of preparing sequences. That is why he will arrange the cards in order of their value according to their signs. They will have multiple options ready for making sequences. This means, they have more options of cards to pick to complete the sequences. A rummy player knows that creating life should be the top priority.

How to Learn from Losses?

Many poor players give up the rummy patti game when they lose multiple times. On the contrary, a strong rival will always take every failure as just another opportunity to learn. He will make it a point to learn from his losses and correct his mistakes in playing the game. Being a strong rival he or she will not repeat the same mistake twice.

It is thus good to have a strong rival in this game. He will help you understand the nuances of the game better. He will also help you be more alert while disposing the cards. If you wish to win against a strong rival, you need to control your expressions and also quit on time to prevent further losses.

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7 High-Tech Devices To Improve Your Car

7 High-Tech Devices To Improve Your Car

Modern technological progress generates incredible achievements. And if you pay attention to the automobile industry, today many cars already help the driver to drive a vehicle, notify about leaving the road lane, as well as equipped with various information and entertainment centers and other useful tools making them very functional.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a ‘heaped up’ car with the most advanced technological innovations on board. So, in order to give the car a new life, you need to pay attention to important gadgets and technologies that must be installed in modern vehicles. Here’s the list of the most useful tools for the effective car upgrading.

Remote Start Systems

Most old car models are not equipped with a remote start function, so in a cold winter morning you need to get into the car and warm it up for a while to defrost the engine and start the car normally.

Remote Start System

However, to solve the problem you can use a more convenient tool – a special gadget for remote launch of any car via smartphone. In addition to the main purpose in the form of remote control of the car, this device can notify about free parking lots, determine the current location of your vehicle, as well as automatically start the engine at a certain time, based on the usual schedule.

Smart Driver Assistant

SGII - day

The next gadget will be an indispensable helper for car owners who plan to keep track of the current state of their car, pass full engine diagnostics, improve fuel consumption, etc.

In addition to these important functions, the device is equipped with an engine code scanner, which allows you to quickly determine the cause of faults and find the best way to eliminate them. For installation, just insert the plug into the OBD-II port located directly in the car. After that, the application will independently read the necessary information, taking care of the vehicle safety.

Modern Radar Detectors

If you are annoyed by frequent fines for speeding, take advantage of the unique radar detector called Passport Escort Max 2. With its help you can locate radars, and also prevent any troubles associated with personal imprudence. In addition, the technology is able to prevent the unexpected opening of doors and other incidents, so it will be useful to any driver.

K40 RSL2 Radar Detector

The gadget is equipped with a wireless Bluetooth interface and controlled via special applications on smartphone. Displaying the current speed, notification of exceeding and other important data are transferred to the smartphone in real time. The database of this unique radar detector is constantly updated with new devices, so the user gets access to it after each next update.

Head-up Display on the Windshield

Garmin Head-Up Display

The projection display on the car’s windshield is a very useful and functional tool that can expand the basic functions of your vehicle’s multimedia and infotainment system. Designed by Navdy, the projector can design a picture from a smartphone, displaying all the necessary information on the windshield. Among the available functions are GPS navigation, gesture control, Bluetooth wireless interface support, voice control and the ability of making phone calls.

CarPlay Infotainment Systems

Imagine that all the functions of your smartphone are available on the modern navigation display of the car. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? So, Apple decided to make the dream of many car owners come true, by presenting CarPlay system.

Astra K - bestens vernetzt

This development allows you to use the capabilities of iPhone without physical contact. Now you can manage text messages, calls, maps, music and many other functions directly on the onboard panel of your car.

Relaxor 9 Massage Device

It’s impossible to imagine a list of the most advanced automotive technologies without a multi-functional massage device ‘Relaxor 9’. This little device allows a driver to experience all the delights of a full massage while traveling home after a stressful day in the office or a long trip. Also, the device offers a heating function, which will be indispensable when driving in the cold season.

massage info

This affordable gadget will be able to turn your car into a representative of the premium class cars. Among the proposed functions are 3 or 4 massage zones that are programmed according to your requirements.

OBD Port Tuning Device

Nowadays, the owners of gasoline cars can improve their car and make it truly sporty by using a unique technological plug-in that connects to OBD-II diagnostic port. The gadget automatically selects the right settings for the engine, increasing the power of your car.

However, it’s important to understand that such an invention is not an ordinary ‘trinket’, but a serious tool that can put the engine out of action in case of improper application. In this regard, the engine configuration via OBD should be entrusted to the trained specialist.

High-tech gadgets can greatly improve your car, even if it’s not the newest model. These devices make driving more pleasant, easy and safe. Want to try any of them? Then use Faro car rental, where some of these devices are available as additional equipment.

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Join The MelroseSRC Program and Reap The Benefits

Join The MelroseSRC Program and Reap The Benefits

The Melrose SRC program is a great program for any business. The program is designed to meet the needs of businesses through concierge services that are custom built for your business’ specific needs. MelroseINC works with the best brands out there, including Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, and Apple, to get you what you need for your business. Find out more about this great program and how it can benefit your business.

What You Get When You Join

When you join the Melrose SRC program, you will be gaining a variety of benefits for your business. The MelroseINC team will work with you to develop a plan based on your business needs and will work with you on your business goals. We not only provide you with the greatest technology available but also with expertly designed services to meet your everyday business needs and meet your long and short-term goals for your business.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best concierge service you can have at a price you can afford. We keep our items well stocked so that we can offer them to you in a timely manner, provide help with any tech issues you might be experiencing with your products such as the new Apple phone, work with you on obtaining the latest products through an Apple procurement strategy, and much more!

Let our team of professionals help you boost your business by getting to know your unique needs and developing a plan to better your business. Reach out to us to start working with a team that will take an in-depth look at your business and help you create a plan that will keep you at the forefront of technology and ahead of the competition.

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Do These 5 Things To Protect Your Data from WannaCry Attack


In May this year, the world witnessed a startling ransomware cyberattack that affected thousands of systems in 150 countries and across the industries, resulting in drastic loses and creating headlines overnight (literally).

For those of you who have been out of touch from the news world and are still not aware about what exactly WannaCry ransomware is – It is a program that targets a flaw in the Microsoft Windows which has reportedly been identified and stolen from US intelligence agencies.

If you would click on any unknown file in your mail or on internet, the virus would enter your enter system while immediately disallowing you to have access to everything in your computer. The hackers provide you the access back to your system only after you pay them the ransom money demanded by them.

So, how do you ensure that your system is not at the risk of being attacked by the WannaCry ransomware which has already hit more than 10 thousand organizations and 2 lac individuals.

  1. Create a Back Up

The best defense that you can have against any kind of ransomware is to outsmart your attackers by eliminating your vulnerability from their threats. This means that your entire data should be backed up every day without a fail so that even if your servers and computers would get hacked, you will have your data saved somewhere else and will not be forced to pay the ransom amount in order to get access of the information again. It is advisable to back up your data on the cloud as opposed to any offline source.

Of course, having a backup will not complete indemnify you because it could take few days to few weeks to restore the entire data from cloud depending on the size of your organization and your operations could be halted for that much time, but it is certainly much better than having to pay the ransom.

  1. Install Antivirus

There are so many antivirus software that not having one in your computers would be really a neglecting act. It would scan your computer entirely periodically and remove any ransom activities detected in the system. You can use the trail version of the antivirus before investing in purchasing the entire subscription package. In fact, if you are just looking to remove a stray malware from your system, then even a trail version would do the job perfectly for you.

However, a paid version would ensure that your system is being scrutinized all the time and it will report you in real time if any ransomware activity is found in your computers. You can immediately remove those suspicious files and save yourself from being hacked.

  1. Remain Cautious

Almost all the hackers use the “spray-‘n’-pray” phishing attack technique to get through their victims. This method involves spamming the corporate and individuals with emails that carry the instructions to click on a URL, visiting which the malware would furtively crawls in your system. It could have a malevolent attachment, upon downloading which also you could get the ransomware in your machine. So, make sure that you are deleting all the emails which are not coming from the trusted sources without even opening them.

Also, make sure that you have your ad block on all the time because hackers have now resorted to ‘malvertising’ which involves delivering the malware to your system through the ads appearing on the websites that are highly trusted by the users.

  1. Patch

Though recommended, it is obviously not entirely possible for users to not open emails from unknown sources or to not visit websites with ads. It could happen unconsciously also and in that case you wouldn’t really have anybody to blame. So, make sure that your software is updated on regular basis to protect you from the unwanted malware including ransomware. In fact, it is recommended that you install Microsoft fix—MS17-010 without any delay.

This patch, released by Microsoft, closes the backdoor which is used by the WannaCry ransomware to break through your system. You can also limit your system’s permissions to ensure that it does not install anything without filling up the administrator’s password.

  1. Disconnect Immediately

Even after adopting all the suggested preventive measures if any of your systems still get attacked by WannaCry or any other malware, make sure that you immediately disconnect the infected computers from your corporate network. After doing so, inspect if it is a known variant of ransomware that has attacked you then you can take assistance from the computer system security companies to help you restore the data by bypassing the locks.

In fact, it is also recommended that as soon as you detect the WannaCry ransomware in any of your systems, you should disconnect your corporate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity also so that the virus does not get transferred to other computers through these networks.

It’s Not the Time to Relax Yet

Though it’s been two months since the WannaCry ransomware has hit the industries, you still need to be careful as there are new variants of the malware being created and delivered by the hackers. So, make sure that you are protected and secured.

About the Author:

Ashish Sharma is a Key Account Manager, looking after Marketing Strategies and building new business tie ups at WeDigTech – A Website Designing company. Focused on helping enterprises StartUps from domestic to MNCs.

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A Guide To Adulthood

Discover the Hive Connected Home

Adulthood was never going to be a walk in the park – juggling work, exercise and a social life can be tough. Thankfully, there are some apps out there that can take the stress out of the everyday. If you think there are not enough hours in the day, here are the apps that can help you save time and minimise stress:

1.       Hive

On a cold, dark, winter’s night, there is nothing better than being greeted with a warm house – but when you forget to turn your heating timer on, the welcome home party isn’t so nice. If you often forget to set your timer, then worry no more – invest in Hive Active Heating and you can control your heating system remotely — and keep the cold at bay! You’ll need to install a wireless thermostat, hub and receiver but once you do, you’ll be able to control your heating remotely via the app.

2.       Out of Milk

The grocery shopping can be more complicated than it looks. Whether it’s your partner finishing the milk without letting you know, or you both buying the same groceries, Out of Milk puts an end to your food shopping mishaps.

The app allows you to create shopping lists that you can share with all members of the house so that nothing is ever missed off the shopping list – or things can be checked off when they are bought. Your list will update almost instantly, so you’ll never end up with 24 eggs and eight pints of milk again!

3.        7 Minute Workout

Are you paying for a hefty gym membership but struggling to find the time to go? By downloading 7 Minute Workout, you can do high intensity circuit training wherever you are — at home, in a hotel on holiday, anywhere!

When you are stuck for time, you’ll find it easy enough to squeeze in a seven-minute workout. So, if the thought of an hour on the treadmill fills you with dread, this could be the perfect option for you. There are 12 exercises to complete in 30-second intervals with 10 second breaks. Offering a flexible approach to exercise, it’s great if you’re looking to boost your fitness or lose weight.

4.       Evernote Scannable

Keeping your life organised can seem like an endless chore – with papers continuously piling up with no spare time to battle through it. The Evernote Scannable app helps you make sense of your documents — simply scan them via your smartphone camera and create a digital bank of information. Whether it’s receipts, contracts or business cards, you’ll never mislay that important document again.

The app can really help you out with your contacts – simply scan the business card and it automatically creates a contact from the information, on your device. Now that’s a smarter way to manage your contacts.

5.       True Potential Investor

Whilst we all wish we could set more money aside, monthly outgoings tell us something different. However, True Potential Investor is an app that lets you effectively manage your savings and investments better.

The self-directed investment service allows you to set goals, work out how much you’ll need to achieve it and invest your cash direct from the app. You can select from a range of investment portfolios with differing levels of risk to help you meet your goals*.

*With investing, your capital is at risk. Investments can fluctuate in value and you may get back less than you invest. Tax rules can change at any time.

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Top Tips For Future Logo Designers

logo design

There is a lot to learn about logo design and whether you are a designer by trade a marketer or a business owner looking to purchase their first logo design. It is worth doing your research. Never settle for a logo design, always do your research on your target market and the type of customer you are appealing to. Look at your competitors, never copy them, but have a think about the things that they do which you like.

Keep it Simple

First things first, some of the best logos are rather simple. Some businesses are not suited to fancy hand drawn logos, some prefer to keep it minimalistic.   Always remember that simple but powerful logos rule the corporate, business world and always have. If you want to create a logo which will stand the test of time, get rid of all of the added extras.

Let’s consider some of the world’s most iconic logo designs to date. First of all, the Apple Logo. Over the years it has become even more simple, some may argue that the silhouette of an apple is nothing special or memorable, however, it is that missing bite out of it which takes this logo design to the top. This is just a simple detail, but it ads so much more. This addition isn’t huge however, it gives the logo character and makes it unique! There is also meaning behind it, computers and bytes, get it?

If you are in the early stages of logo design, make sure you are thinking about these small details which mean a lot. Sometimes it is best to start off small and then make it big. Consider how your business can go the extra mile.

Top Tips For Future Logo Designers

Know What it Means

So you know a bit about the Apple logo and every good logo has a story, does yours? Logos with meaning are extremely attractive, whether they have a meaning that is either obvious and hidden.

Some of the world’s best logos display their stories. You may not see it right away, however, the FedEx logo has an arrow which indicates moving forward and making deliveries, this is very smart and looks extremely sleek within the design.

Don’t just throw details in there for the sake of it. Someone may ask you the meaning behind it and the purpose of it, make sure that you have an answer, all good logo designers do. Repeat Logo say that “having to design a logo can be a long and frustrating process. From the initial brainstorming session right up until the final perfecting touches. When it comes to designing a creative logo it is sometimes better to trust the experts”.

Top Tips For Future Logo Designers

Business Logos & Negative Space

We touched on negative space when discussing the FedEx logo and its hidden arrow. If you have a look closely you will notice the arrow, it is so hidden that the majority of U.S. citizens see the FedEx logo daily or weekly for years, yet they have never noticed this small detail, which changes the logo completely.

Another example is the WWF logo which features a panda. This is one of the most recognised logos in the world and it is a negative space design. Get creative and try out some negative space designs of your own! You could be on to a winner.

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The Future Of Online Advertising Is Mobile

Online Advertising Man Working On Laptop , Online Advertising We

If you have landed on this article, there is a higher probability that you are reading it on your mobile device. You keep yourself updated all the time with the news and stock market apps in the phone and purchase whatever you need in minutes with just a few clicks through your favorite e-commerce portal app. In fact, you unconsciously end up spending most of your time on the social sites, even if it’s for the business reasons.

Remember, your consumers get everything done on the go through the smartphone devices. Mobiles are far ahead than being just an instrument to receive and make calls.

Increased penetration of smart phones, falling data package rates and introduction of 4G plans – all these factors combine to create growth opportunities for marketers in the mobile advertising segment.

As mobiles are becoming the preferred medium for consumers, companies are recognizing the need to invest more in digital marketing with mobile devices being the central and significant part of all the marketing strategies.

Let’s take a look at the key trends that would likely shape up the future of online (mobile) marketing ecosystem.

m-Commerce Gains Transaction

While e-commerce has been penetrating in the market since years and continue to be the principal driving force in ad spends on smartphones, a shift has been observed in the consumer behavior pattern lately.

Consumers prefer to spend more time shopping while they are on the go since they are otherwise busy and don’t get time to shop, it has provided e-commerce companies an uplift (which are now converting into the m-Commerce entities, owing to the rising demand).

User Engagement and Native and Programmatic Advertising

The pace of native and programmatic advertisement has accelerated in the market as marketers, enterprises and publishers are recognizing its potential as the game changer in the manner in which they conduct business.

Programmatic advertising is an efficient tool which lets a marketer provide personalized ads to the customers, hence replacing the traditional method of displaying banners on different websites. And with the native advertising, marketers are expecting to offer less disruptive advertising to the customers. Thus, these are being identified as significant tools to boost up the user engagement with brands.

Fighting the Ad Frauds

If there is one issue that digital ecosystem is facing majorly today, then it is ad fraud. In fact, a study by AppLift has revealed that more than one-third of the mobile programmatic traffic is currently at the risk of fraud.

This increase in the fraudulent activity has just put a huge question mark on the veracity of the advertising industry, but it also indicates huge financial losses that marketers have to incur. Hence, with the rise in programmatic buying, detecting and fighting fraud will become one of the major area of concerns for the marketers and will shape the future of online advertising environment.

With more and more users getting engaged with their smartphones to watch videos, advertisings, shop or refer information, mobile advertising is certainly one of the hot trends of this year. And it is here to stay!

Connect with us to build an amazing Mobile App for your mobile users. We are innovative and fastest growing website designing and app development company in Los Angeles.

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Learn How SEO Works


Search engines are not just made to find you a pizza place near you. The main two functions of search engines are: crawling and building an index and providing users with a ranked list of the websites.These websites are relevant to what the user is looking. Let’s use pizza as an example here, your results would include Dominoes, Pizza Hut, and Papa John.

 Search engines “crawl” the internet to find the links. During the crawling and indexing stage, the search engine will browse through billions of documents, pages, files, news, videos, and media. This helps them provide answers.Search engines are often called answer machines. When you perform an online search, Google hunts through all of the information it has its hands on and will only return the results that are relevant or useful to the searcher’s query. Google also picks a website on its popularity and how relevant it is.
 Learn How SEO Works

SEO in Glasgow: Link Building

SEO Company in Glasgow, Smarter Digital Marketing say that”maintaining a good website is all down to the creation of high-quality, relevant, and unique content that attract natural links. Once we have discussed your content concept and timeline, we will ensure that the implementation in alignment with your business’ goals and objectives, as well as your specific requirements.”

The purpose of links is they allow automated robots or “spiders,” to reach the many billions of interconnected documents on the web. An SEO company can check your website during an SEO audit to see how healthy it is. During an audit an SEO Company in Glasgow will:

  • Page title optimisation.
  • Meta description optimisation.
  • Image descriptions.
  • Response codes (301s, 302s, 404s etc.)
  • On-page elements such as h1s & h2s.
  • Structured data mark-up and breadcrumbs.
  • Content development.
  • Link analysis.
  • Google maps verification and optimisation.
  • Robots.txt & sitemap.xml upload.
  • Google Analytics & Search Console Verification and analysis.
  • Current Google rank reporting.
  • Blog and industry news ideas.
  • Information architecture analysis.
  • SERP snippet analysis.

SEO Glasgow Source:

Learn How SEO Works

SEO Services

The SEO process doesn’t work miracles and before you get started, you should always seek the opinion of a digital marketing company in Glasgow. Running your own SEO campaign without the help of an expert will be extremely difficult and it can take years to master this skillfully. SEO companies optimise websites every day and it will be their job to get your website to the number one spot, which makes them the best choice. Your SEO strategy should also be kept up for a long period of time, choose a company who are going to give you value for money.

SEO should always be relevant. Choose an SEO company that is open and honest, who are willing to share case studies and customer testimonials with you. Choosing a cheap SEO company will get you nowhere. Google – or any other search engine for that matter, is extremely clever and will realise if anyone is trying to trick the system.  Google constantly  “crawls” web pages and reads the content, that is why search results are ever changing.

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The 15 AgTech Startups That NXTP Labs Wants To Bring To The Next Level

The 15 AgTech startups

NXTP Labs started the activities of its AgTech 2017 Acceleration Program with startups from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia.

Recognized Latin American investment fund NXTP Labs begun the activities of its AgTech 2017 Acceleration Program which is an initiative to detect the most disruptive startups in the region to bring innovation to producers, seedlings and traders.

After receiving more than 130 applications from various parts of Latin America, NXTP Labs selected the first 15 startups from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia to participate in their mentoring, workshops, trainings, meetings with corporations and other activities designed to make these companies step up to the next level.

These are the 15 startups selected:

Agropool (Argentina): It allows agricultural producers to organize themselves in groups to make joint purchases of inputs with significant discounts.

Albor (Argentina): Integral Management web tool for agricultural companies complemented with mobile, multi-company and multilingual apps.

Avancargo (Argentina): On-demand platform for contracting freight transport by road. Technology solution for freight lenders and transporters. (Uruguay): Development of robotic and software tools for market-leading commercial drones with the objective of improving production management activities in agriculture.

Livestock 360 (Uruguay): Web platform for the direct marketing of cattle among producers, making the process more efficient.

Grou (Colombia): Helping small farmers to grow, bridging the gap between agricultural production and urban demand by using an online sales channel to market their products.

Laurus (Argentina): Robotized urban agriculture company that create networks of crops distributed throughout the cities and their surroundings.

NegoAgro (Uruguay): Web app with cattle stock control system and service platform with marketplace.

Trails (Argentina): Geographic information services applied to agricultural production that allow a more efficient production, improve yields and take care of the use of resources.

Rizoma (Uruguay): It is a company that provides technological solutions that facilitate traceability, management and monitoring in agricultural areas.

Siembro (Argentina): Online Market of Agro-credits.

Spacedat (Peru): Digital platform for agricultural management based on drones captured with integration along with other technological applications that allow farmers to optimize the use of resources and maximize their profits.

The Food Market (Argentina): Online market for direct purchase from local producers.

TuCampo (Uruguay): The Airbnb del Campo is a marketplace for the supply and demand of agricultural services.

ZHU (Uruguay): Works for the development of the “bamboo ecosystem” in Uruguay region. It is an enterprise based on sustainable production, balanced with the environment and social welfare.

If you have any Agtech startup idea and looking for a technology partner for mobile app development company India and website designing in Los Angeles or in California, you can contact us: We are fastest growing company that help startups to transform ideas into reality.

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What Is BPM


In order to get a finished product as the outcome, every business needs to build –up a chain of the consecutive operations.  These operations form a production cycle or a business process.  In other words, business process is a representation of definite tasks execution, which can be measured.

Planning of vacation schedules, finalization of contract terms and conditions, finance operations are the examples of business processes. A company or an enterprise can have one key business process or a system of interlinked minor business processes targeting at a scheduled result.

Establishment of business processes enables to implement strict control over all the operations, to enhance manageability and to make the execution of each operation faster.

What needs to be done to run a company or an enterprise much more successfully is to roll out a BMP – business process management system. These systems allow not only to set-up the initial business process model but to constantly improve and renovate it.

If we try to present business process review cycle graphically, we will get some kind of the following image:

Its ongoing improvement contributing to operational excellence enhancement.

Business process management system is realized through various features of BMP software, which automate processes and simplify execution of operations. It is especially critical for companies with complicated business process model.

Special programs are normally developed to fix definite number of steps. The latest BPM tools allow entering process changes by the users themselves without any additional help from IT specialists needed.

A standard BPM program comprises a predefined set of elements, among which are:

  • projecting,
  • execution,
  • monitoring.

Under projecting a detailed scheme of business process is being developed. Execution is carried out through the so-called BPM engine, which is responsible for process launch, tracking changes and fulfillment of defined tasks. Monitoring controls business-process through visualizations of statistics and graphics. BPM-systems generate reports customized for different parameters allowing to estimate effectiveness of the process.

Nowadays, BPM software market is well-developed and can offer customers a good variety of tools. BPM’online is one of the examples deserving your attention.

Key functionalities of BPM

Modern BPM systems present vast opportunities for automation of all business processes at the enterprise. Details descriptions can be found here However, the main functions of business management systems software will be briefly observed below.

Repository of business processes in BPM

Such repositories comprise all process descriptions with the ability of sharing between all stakeholders.

This is how business process repository may look in BMP:

What is BPM

The structure of business model repository can be seen on the left side while the contents of the relevant component is reflected on the right.  Each business model is presented as the diagram or a flow-chart. And all the users who are granted with the appropriate access to the repository can make changes to the flowcharts or model their own processes wherever they need in the structure of the repository.

Document flow

Document flow in BPM is realized though electronic document management system (EDMS) based on business process.

Normally EDMS allows to:

  • create electronic documents;
  • register them;
  • organize a simple flow of documents;
  • store them.

The processing of documents, which is built into the system represents logic sequence of document status changes. It means that a document status is the attribute to track the current stage of its processing. Thus, document processing is automated through document status change. This process is supposed to result in the completed document, which passes through all the stages of processing (registration, review, delivery etc.) that can easily be found in the system.

BPM allows to automate document flow within other business processes. For example, processing of a contract is carried-out as the constituent part of goods supply to a customer. Here, the final outcome is not the processed contract but a batch of goods supplied to a purchaser in time.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

In essence, CRM is a convenient client database comprising history of relationships between company and its customers. Such systems allow to automate process of goods or services sale starting from receipt of a requisition and ending up with, for example, shipment of goods.

BPMs enable to use CRM functionality broader. It is not limited only to sales but extended up to delivery of goods and receipt of payment. This joint process includes collaboration with other subdivisions of the company – logistics, warehousing, and finance operations. BPM helps to consider all critical elements of business process and their interdependence on each other.

BPM systems could provide many advantages while planning and realization of business-processes. They make execution of working processes faster, enhance their quality and arrange management through the indicators of performance monitoring.  Eventually, BPM is equipped with all the tools for quick and easy analysis of business process management system and for any improvements and changes to this system if necessary. All these aspects put BPMs in great demand among big companies all over the world.

If you have any questions, visit bpm’online – namely – to see more information and to comprehend how popular BPM in modern business world is.

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How Tech Is Changing The Health and Dentistry Sector

orthodontist glasgow

It is fair to say that technology has been the driving force behind health improvements in healthcare. Over the past 10 years or so our hospitals and dental practices have flourished with the treatments they can now provide.

Better and More Accessible Treatment

Tech has improved health care in a number of ways, one of them being that has increased accessibility of treatment. Treatments that used to take months to complete can now be done in just a few sessions, this means that there are more spaces in our orthodontist Glasgow clinics and cosmetic dentistry practices.

Glasgow dentist, Berkeley Clinic, say that “cosmetic treatments such as teeth straightening, teeth whitening and dental implants are becoming more and more popular due to technology in dentistry being at its peak.”

Digital Dentistry

Just like our smartphones, tablets, and laptops –  dentistry has stepped into the age of technology. Digital dentistry treatments such as Invisalign are not only innovative but are changing lives. It isn’t possible for some to make all the appointments that are required for braces, however, Invisalign treatment has changed that.

How Tech Is Changing The Health and Dentistry Sector

New technology has transformed how dentists work. Nowadays, dentists can literally fix any dental aesthetic problem that their patients have. Those with crooked, misshapen or missing teeth can have their teeth fixed in a just a couple of appointments – sometimes just one.

Professional Opinion: Orthodontist Glasgow

The professionals say that you should always book in for a consultation before you start the digital dentistry process. This type of treatment is designed for everyone. In the past the orthodontist was seen as a place for teenagers, however, nowadays even adults are looking for a straighter set of teeth. Figures show that only 35% of adults have well-aligned teeth, proving the demand for treatments like Invisalign.

How Does the Treatment Work?

This treatment is designed to give patients fast results, without using wires.

Dentists in Glasgow will take x-rays of your teeth using special software called ClinCheck. This type of technology. Will predict and span how and when the patient’s teeth will move. This means your dentist can give you an estimated time for treatment before it even begins.  On average Invisalign treatment takes six to nine months, however, every patient is different and it may be less or more than this estimation.

How Tech Is Changing The Health and Dentistry Sector

Technology and Bespoke Treatment

Treatments are becoming quicker because technology is shaping plans to each client. Take Invisalign for example, every patient is given custom-made aligners.

These aligners are made to be worn or two weeks at a time. Over that time the patient’s teeth will move to match the tray, meaning their teeth will get straighter and straighter over the course of the treatment.

The patient becomes in charge of their treatment which means that less time is spent at the dentist, giving other access to treatment, faster than they would have years ago. The great thing about custom aligners is that appointments will be quick as the treatment will already be planned out.

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Top 5 Education Apps On Android and iPhone

Education Apps iPhone and Android

Apple in its App Store has a robust kids section full of valuable learning apps. Similarly, you can find thousands of apps in the Google Play store that offer great educational value for learners of various ages.

Besides seeing cartoons, playing mobile games and enjoying videos, kids can also make use of the phone to learn something. There is a whole new range of educational apps available for iPhone and Android that can nurture the mind of kids and help guardians attain peace of mind over their device use.

1. The Human Body

This is a great hands-on biology learning app for kids. By offering vivid and lively imageries and guidance it makes learning about the organs and organic functions easier.

  • The app is modeled after Tinybop’s model of the human body.
  • The kids can choose among some avatars and then major systems inside the body of that avatar are introduced and described.
  • It offers an interactive way to learn about the human body and organic functions.

2. Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO

Educational puzzles and funny problem-solving games is a good way to involve little kids in learning the process. It is a good app for introducing toddlers with various cognitive elements.

  • It easily introduces kids to relevant concepts like shapes, colors, numbers etc.
  • The app offers a rewarding experience for the kids by offering them a mini-game.
  • Preschool toddlers can be helped in learning vocabulary developing their aptitude.
  • The app is available in various languages.
  • There is also a special version of the app designed for kids suffering from autism.

3. Photomath

Photomath is a unique math learning application with images. The app offers a simple and quick way to learn the calculation and math.

  • It makes kids learn math by producing an image of the math problem and then the app helps kids solving it.
  • Besides giving a solution it also shows the previous steps in any calculation.
  • The app offers support for a wide variety of mathematical problems including arithmetic, fractions, decimals, logarithms, linear equations, etc.

4. Udemy

Udemy is a complete educational platform that offers various purchasable and free courses on a wide range of subjects. Udemy focusing on skill oriented learning can quickly make your teen specialist.

  • From classes on programming to learning popular Adobe or Microsoft software getting hands-on training on regular skills like making the public speech or cooking, you can find all kinds of learning resources here.
  • Every course here comes with instructional videos to make learning easier.
  • It has a worldwide community of learners behind it making it an invincible learning app or any skill set.

5. Winky Think Logic Puzzles

Puzzles with logical elements are great for kids and students to develop their aptitude and insight. This app just does that in a perfect manner.

  • This engaging logic puzzle app from Spinlight Studio offers the fun filled and intuitive way to get training in logic.
  • The app offers at present 180 logic puzzles that are developed to educate kids on reasoning and observational as well as spatial cognition abilities.
  • The logical education is offered through movable shapes while facing real life obstacles of various types.

When your kids use your smartphone or tablet for learning purposes you should be delighted because already mobile based learning is about to play a crucial role in the learning process.

Author Bio

Darshan Patel is a Lead SEO Analyst at Nimblechapps, a fast-growing website development company and android game development company. You can hire android app developer from Nimblechapps at affordable rate.

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Mobile tech in education

Mobile tech in education

As the technology advanced, the education aspect is changing too. Five or six years ago, education websites popped up in a massive amount to accommodate the e-learning. Today, the educational apps which installed in the students’ smartphone replace those outdated website. These educational apps are a great help for the student to fight boredom when studying or learning. Mobile apps developers are gladly helping the institution to create an app that helps the learning process in the classroom.

Smart phones and tablets become the new partner of the students in learning. Mobile technology is the best way to solve geographical boundaries. The educational apps can be accessed everywhere and every time both by the students and the teachers. In other words, it makes the learning process easier and more efficient.

Urge the Students to Study

Nielsen recent report shows that a tablet becomes an interactive learning tool for children. It’s not a must have item for the children; at least there is one tablet in the family. The fact is around 57% children using the iPad for studying. Indeed that child will be child where they tend to play a game in the tablet. But once they found the fun in interactive learning, they see it as a game. That is a very good situation where the child can have fun while learning. Interactive learning is fun and the children like it.

Moreover, traditional toy companies must keep up with the current event. Now, the companies try to digitalize everything. They use mobile technology to keep the business alive. Lego also created an iPad app for the children so they can build something in their iPad. Kids nowadays are growing up with the mobile tech. The way they learn is different from the past and now it’s time to say hello to mobile tech learning.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality now enters the educational system too. It’s a good revolution in education where both teachers and students have more dynamic learning process. The institutions apply the augmented reality as one of the learning tool. This phenomenon is spreading thorough the world slowly. As long as it has a good result, the augmented reality needs to be applied all over the world.

A MITAR game is one of good example. It’s a MIT-Education Arcade project where the students need to explore the real world using augmented reality. They supposed to learn something using equipments and achieve real life skills. The aim is to create real world experiences by having a simulation of life with the help of augmented reality.

As you know that, most of the students spend a lot of time playing RPG game in their devices. They compete each other to be the best in the game. This project has the same idea too. The students need to explore the world and achieve real life skills. With a little bit spices of fun, the student can learn real life experiences and skills that will be useful in the future.

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Ensuring Reliable Cloud Networks

Ensuring Reliable Cloud Networks

Cloud computing is essentially a type of shared computing and it could be constructed to become a large-scale computing infrastructure. In this case, a cloud system can be consisted of thousands of servers that are integrated into a whole unity. Average users could access cloud computing services, but renting storage, application or processing power in one of the physical servers. Cloud computing can be incredibly affordable, because people only pay what they have used or plan to use. It is clear that cloud computing could provide us with a high degree of flexibility compared to standard computing services used in many companies. In this case, these companies could use local servers; it means that the company will need to invest on the hardware, cooling system, qualified administrators and others.

Due to its flexibility, we should be able to create a mini cloud solution with only a single server unit, as long as there is enough Internet connection to serve users. In this case, users will be demanded to pay fixed fee or fee based on the amount of usage. Compared to local solutions, cloud should be able to provide us with many enticing promises. The expandability of cloud solutions could allow us to expand our existing computing infrastructure. This is essential, as the demand expands. Cloud solutions could also be quite affordable, because we would only need to pay what we use. The existing processing capability can be expanded as specific threshold has been reached. It means that the cloud service providers would need to start expanding their resources when demands for resources have reached specific limit, specifically not far from the maximum capacity of the whole cloud solution.

Of course, there are a number of problems that we should be aware of. It is important for cloud service providers to overcome any obstacle. Once any of the challenge is solved, we should find that cloud computing to be quite affordable and useful. One of the most crucial issues is whether the service level agreement could really benefit consumers. Because data, applications and other information is stored in remote locations, users may find that they don’t have a complete control. This could be quite true when a cloud network isn’t yet completely mature. It may be difficult for the provider to deliver the guaranteed performance, especially in a high peak situation. Macro events, such as prolonged blackout and natural disaster could also affect the reliability of cloud network, if data and applications are not properly backed up to other remote locations.

In immature cloud systems, usage spike can still be a problem. There are also unpredictable events that we need to consider. Any kind of immaturity issue can be solved by proper training and solid technological implementations. We should also be able to monitor the performance of a cloud system with proper metering. This could also be integrated with automated pricing, using reliable software. So, even during heavy demand periods, the monitoring and billing processes can be performed much more easily.

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